Roberto Russo was born in Sicily in 1981.

He grew up in Rome and studied at an Art Institute, cultivating a passion for freehand drawing, prototype designing, and materials. During these years, he began to work as a goldsmith in various artisan laboratories, dealing with noble metals and precious stones. Taking part in several cabinet maker workshops, Roberto refined his capacity to design and produce high quality custom furniture. His prolific collaboration with numerous blacksmith boutiques, allowed his creativity to forge small objects and to subsequently move on to creating much bigger works.

At the time, researching details and giving his products a strong aesthetic impact, were essential qualities of his artistic expression. An experimental phase then brought him face to face with the idea of underground subcultures and self-production, shifting his focus towards designing unique pieces such as lamps, jewels, belts, and a variety of accessories, combining recycled materials with handmade inserts of fashion jewellery. The creative freedom of the projects he accomplished in this period, helped Roberto to acquire the mastery and knowledge necessary to amplify his professional portfolio.

In 1999, living between Milan and London, Roberto completed his studies and nurtured his new passion for digital technology and 3D development. Founding his personal company; D.M.D. (DesignMassDeconstruction), and at the same time beginning a collaboration with his family studio; Russo Design, for the development of fashion-oriented projects, pouring all his know-how into the creation of mass consumer products. Within Russo Design, he finally united his manual skills and digital expertise, and reached a complete vision of both the creative and the productive process.

As a result of his professional experiences and creative capabilities, Roberto became a central counselling figure for several fashion brands. Continuing his work with Russo Design in 2002, he launched a silver jewellery collection for Giorgio Armani in which the products' design and graphic nature were highlighted through the use of evocative materials such as onyx and leather. In 2007 he designed an steel jewellery project for Diesel, and launched Costume National in the eyewear sector. In 2009 he approached the American market designing eyewear collections for both Guess by Marciano and Mark Nason; an emerging designer in Los Angeles.

During this time, Roberto explored his versatility which lead him to the world of sports and streetwear influences. In the same year, Louis Vuitton contacted him to design a series of experimental scenarios for new body accessories, once again asserting his creative capacities. In the year 2010-201, Roberto was given the chance to expand his eclectic vision even further by creating "Serene" - the first ever civil luxury submarine. In 2011 he landed in Paris, relaunching the brand Nina Ricci in the eyewear sector and closely collaborating with Peter Copping for all the catwalk products. In the same year, Roberto elaborated concepts to launch eyewear for two of the most important Brazilian brands; Osklen and H. Stern.

Roberto's personal challenge is to transmute antagonistic street cultures and uses and provocative punk references, to give luxury a different voice both in its perceptions and evolutions. Going beyond the simple act of aesthetics, embracing culture and tradition, and expressing his futuristic vision, he attempts to constantly deliver new trends and scenarios. His mission is to package products with a soul; emphasizing the singularity of each element through a mix of technology and tradition which include kinetic movements and evocative materials. Deconstructing to reconstruct for the better, Roberto aims to enhance the natural balance and anatomy of the body through the creation of accessories which bear a concept and convey pure emotion.